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If you've never seen our unique wall clocks before, your eyes will fool you. They look exactly like a tile. Even when you open the box, you'll be sure they are ceramic. But pick one up, and you'll be amazed! Our whimsical clocks, featuring original colorful art by Pamela Corwin, are so light you can hang them on a pushpin. Unlike ceramic clocks, Paper Scissors Rock clocks will never crack or break. You'll receive a lifetime warranty on the movement.

Check out our gallery of over 100 designs and room themes: look for things you love! Coffee clock, award-winning Dad clock, Pacific Northwest clocks, Seattle Pike Place Market clock, sports clocks, favorite animals clocks, fairy clocks, inspiration clocks, Buddha clock, and more! Our clocks make great décor for a kid's room as they cannot fall and break like ceramic. We have designs suitable for every kind of person and every room in the house.

Free gift box included
• Small Clocks (approx. 6" tall)
‚Äč• Large Clocks (approx. 8" tall)

  • 70 Item(s)
  • 70 Item(s)

Having trouble with your clock?
Check out our clock repair page for videos on how to fix the most common issues with your clock.