Carved watermelons make fresh art!

In my 30+ year career as a working artist, I have enjoyed working in a variety of different media. One of my favorite things is to try out making things with a new, interesting medium. I have done painted eggs, painted furniture, beading on various objects, and more. Now I mostly produce my painted or collaged designs on functional household gift items- clocks, alarm clocks, night lights, magnets. I am always inspired by discovering artists who work in creative media, and the internet is full of examples, such as this master watermelon sculptor I recently discovered, Takashi Itoh. It turns out that watermelon carving is a traditional Japanese art called Mukimono. 

From his FAQs:

Q: Can you eat carved watermelon?
A: Yes. They are natural and delicious.

carved watermelon

His intricate carvings are as refreshing as his medium.

wedding watermelon cake

It was fun to see some of my same themes and inspirations pop up.
Why hello, Mr. Van Gogh…

van gogh watermelonvan goghs ear

Dolphins and penguins, on watermelons and clocks:
dolphin and penguin watermelondolphin alarm clock

penguin wall clock

hearts watermelon



hearts alarm clock












We both do lots of flowers:
flowers watermelon carvedflower bouquet wall clock

A quick google image search revealed tons of other watermelon talent. Here, a dia de los muertos carved watermelon! (Next to my Day of the Dead wall clock.)

dia de los muertos watermelondia de los muertos clock


mermaid watermelonmermaid wall clock

turtle watermelonturtle wall clock
hat are your favorite watermelon designs? What other new media for have you discovered that makes for awesome art?


Artists are happy making art

Van Gogh travel alarm clock

Vincent Van Gogh’s floating left ear is the second hand on this clock.

There is no doubt that the artist’s life brings real challenges for many in the modern world, especially during an economic downturn as people struggle to sell art…but the artist’s life also gets a really bad rap in ways it does not deserve. Thanks to notables like my friend Vincent Van Gogh here, the stereotype of the brooding, miserable artist is deep in our social psyche. But does the stereotype hold any water?
I was encouraged to find this study that concluded we artists, on the whole, are actually a pretty resilient and fulfilled group of people. And I know enough happy artists that I’m not actually surprised.
Don’t be afraid to follow your creative aspirations. Though you might be broke at times, you will not have to end up a one-eared, tormented, broken-hearted failure.  Studies show.