Back to School Gift List

Back to School lists are out, and now is the time to stock up for a great year. Pencils, binders, backpacks, new shoes, and don’t forget this unique alarm clock from Paper Scissors Rock. This tiny clock makes a great gift for your favorite teacher, ensuring that they will start their day right, bright and early.

Clock with an apple on the face and the words "to teach is to touch lives forever" with floating pencil second hand

My alarm clocks are not just for teachers. Look through the dozens of designs in my alarm clock gallery to find the perfect one for the student in your life- preschool through graduate school!

ballet alarm clock
The clocks feature reductions of my original paintings and collage work, on a tiny 2 X 2 clock face. They are cordless and lightweight- perfect for travel. But what makes them totally unique is the miniature image that floats around the face counting the seconds. For instance, on the ballet alarm clock above, its a miniature ballerina. Check out the whole collection for great back to school gift ideas.
Its also the perfect time pf year to get a classroom in shape and off to a great start with clever decorations that celebrate the work of teaching and learning, such as this teacher wall clock.

teacher wall clock

And don’t start off the year without these stylish glass gem magnets, perfect for displaying student work, reminders, and to-do lists.

teacher glass gem magnets

Here’s to another great year of learning, growing, and teaching!

7 creative end-of-year gift ideas for teacher

It’s the end of the school year, a great time to show appreciation for the people who have made your kids’ year of learning great.
Don’t fall victim to giving a boring or cliche gift! Give something personal, useful, and memorable from Paper Scissors Rock. My affordable, functional gift items are personalized with hundreds of designs made from my original art work, and they are great for teachers! Here are a few ideas. Check out my galleries for more inspiration!

1. Teacher appreciation wall clock: Celebrate all teachers with this colorful wall clock made from a print of one of my original paintings. This clock looks just like a beautiful tile but it is actually on a lightweight foam board, so it is durable, safe for the classroom, and easy to hang with nothing but a pushpinteacher wall clock

2. Reach for the Stars wall clock. Like all Paper Scissors Rock clocks, this one is made from a print of one of my original watercolor paintings. Give this to a teacher who has been a great inspiration or encouragement. This unique art clock makes great classroom decor.reach for the stars wall clock

3. Music lovers wall clock. A great gift for a band or music teacher!

whimsical music notes wall clock

4. Van Gogh’s ear alarm clock. This durable, lightweight alarm clock will tickle the wit of an art or history teacher. Van Gogh’s looks on as his left ear magically floats around the clockface, counting the seconds.
van goghs ear

5. Don’t forget a gift for coach! I have a number of sports designs in magnets, wall clocks and alarm clocks. Look for baseball, soccer, basketball and football designs in the galleries.
soccer glass magnets

7. Teacher glass gem magnets. These super-strong magnets look stylie as they display student work, pictures, or memos from teacher. Don’t let teach start next year unprepared with these.

teacher glass gem magnets