Here comes the sun…4 facts and 3 gifts to help you enjoy it

sun alarm clock

Its summer and we’re finally starting to get more sunny days here in the Pacific Northwest. Time to get outside and enjoy some of the benefits of the sunshine…load up on that vitamin D for the year. If you love summer, check out the celestial gifts I make featuring my original paintings of the sun. (Moon gifts also available)

A few solar facts:

1. We need the sun! Our bodies need sun exposure to make vitamin D. Many people are deficient in this nutrient which builds our immunity, and protects our hearts, muscles, and mental and emotional wellness. Enjoying 20 minutes outside every day, rain or shine is good for maintaining healthy vitamin D levels.

sun wall clock

Here Comes the Sun wall clock on a light-weight break-resistant non-ceramic tile.

2. Don’t enjoy it till it hurts! Getting a bad sunburn raises your risk of skin cancer significantly. Enjoy sunny days in moderation according to your skin tone’s tolerance.


3. Clouds, pollution, and water change the sun’s effects! You may think that a cloudy or hazy day is a safe day to be outside all day, but the sun can be powerful enough to give you a sunburn even when covered in clouds. Water makes the sun far more intense, so always cover up or use sun block at the beach.

sun night light

Sun night light keeps it burning through the night.

4. Every hour the sun beams enough power to meet the world’s energy needs for a year! Solar power in its primitive form began in ancient times with harnessing heat through magnifying lenses. Now solar technology is highly advanced and cheaper than ever. Check out how you can use the sun’s power in your home and save or even make money.


So tiny its hard to believe these are real!

tiny knitted socks
Check out these amazing miniature works of art by Indiana knitter Althea Crome! Yes, these incredible little fairy garments are actually hand-knitted, with 70 stitches to the inch. (For perspective- normal scale knitting might have about 4 stitches to an inch) I love them! Not only are they adorably tiny and intricately detailed, but Althea packs so much expression into such eensy-weensy packages. The socks above tell a story of the artist’s childhood move from the city to rural life.

FrogAlarmfrog wall clock
I have always loved tiny things- dollhouse furniture, miniature toys, and especially miniature works of art. I have a number of tiny treasure in my house that I have collected over the years. They adorn my windowsills and shelves, find little corners to sit in, or they get their home on a teeny-tiny things shelf in my guest room. My favorite are the ones I have acquired from other artists at the Market or trade shows.
Naturally, my love of tininess also shows up in my own creative work.flying pig wall clock progress

When I create original paintings to become wall clocks, I paint them actual size. This means that a lot of the tiny details that I like to include have to be done with very small brushes and I have to keep a steady and patient hand. Often I do a little bit at a time, and then come back later, because my hand gets tired.

For the magnets and alarm clocks, the originals are reduced in size. Many of the alarm clocks are made from the same original as the wall clocks so if you, like me, are partial to miniature art, check out the alarm clocks gallery to find the 2″ version of many of the most popular wall clock designs.

dog clock kids room

Dancing Dog Wall Clock


2" square mini alarm clock

2″ square mini alarm clock


The gem magnets also feature micro images, such as the Seattle themed magnet set you see here.

Seattle theme refrigerator magnets decorative

Lisa Frank studio tour

So, recently I posted a tour of Paper Scissors Rock’s studio, and I mentioned that I am really intrigued by other artist’s workspaces and processes.
This week, Urban Outfitters posted this tour, of the elusive 1980’s craze designer Lisa Frank’s studio. Apparently she is very reclusive (wouldn’t show her face in the interview.) but she recently sold her designs to the company, and agreed to do this tour with them.
Wow. So weird and interesting, all of it! Her lifelong obsession with rainbows and glitz, her giant psychedelic teddy bears, the fire-proof vault containing all her original work… And so sweet how she kept all the letters from her kid fans over the years!