Update: Designing a new line

Over the past couple months, I’ve been in deep with a new project- developing what has become a new line of products. At first, I was just experimenting with a new illustration style…very soon I was in over my head! I wanted to share some of my process for how this has happened.

Here’s the first drawing I did on that first Sunday, moving through its phases of development- a pen and ink owl.

When I finished I couldn’t believe 7 hours had gone by since I settled in on the deck with my pad and pens. I hadn’t gotten this blissfully lost in the process of making art in more years than I can count.

I could hardly wait to start on the next creation- an elephant.

Since I embarked on this journey, I have spent many days immersed in this process, resulting in about a dozen new designs! I will share more of them on the blog upcoming, and they are being introduced as high quality prints, suitable for framing.

Obviously, this line is a departure from the colorful style you see in my current gifts. These have a different feel with the intricate pen and ink detail, but I think the new designs, while fresh, retain some of what makes my stuff my own. I’m still drawn to the whimsical, to images from nature, animals, and celebrating the important things in life. Stay tuned to see how I these themes appear in this new line of prints. You can get your hands on them this holiday season!

Unsolved mysteries, and making wishes…

Reach for the stars wall clock

File this under ordinary daily inspiration: The other day I looked out the window at about 7am and there was a giant tangle of something orange way up high in the branches of a filbert tree over my meditation cottage.

I wish I’d taken a picture while it was still up there, it was about 3 feet wide.
I got out my binoculars but still couldn’t figure out what it was. Fabric? a balloon? Paper? For some reason I was sure it was something wonderful.
So I went out in my pj’s and shook the lower portion of the branch where it met the tree over and over again until it fell out.

photo 5-4photo 5photo 4

It was a wish lantern! Someone’s wishes had floated to my house and landed in the trees above the cottage. I was hoping it would have a wish written on it, but instead it had children’s names written all over it. Charlie, Henry, Lola, Nora, and many more.
If you don’t happen to know what a wish lantern is, see below. You write wishes on them, light them and let them float away into the sky.