Back to School Gift List

Back to School lists are out, and now is the time to stock up for a great year. Pencils, binders, backpacks, new shoes, and don’t forget this unique alarm clock from Paper Scissors Rock. This tiny clock makes a great gift for your favorite teacher, ensuring that they will start their day right, bright and early.

Clock with an apple on the face and the words "to teach is to touch lives forever" with floating pencil second hand

My alarm clocks are not just for teachers. Look through the dozens of designs in my alarm clock gallery to find the perfect one for the student in your life- preschool through graduate school!

ballet alarm clock
The clocks feature reductions of my original paintings and collage work, on a tiny 2 X 2 clock face. They are cordless and lightweight- perfect for travel. But what makes them totally unique is the miniature image that floats around the face counting the seconds. For instance, on the ballet alarm clock above, its a miniature ballerina. Check out the whole collection for great back to school gift ideas.
Its also the perfect time pf year to get a classroom in shape and off to a great start with clever decorations that celebrate the work of teaching and learning, such as this teacher wall clock.

teacher wall clock

And don’t start off the year without these stylish glass gem magnets, perfect for displaying student work, reminders, and to-do lists.

teacher glass gem magnets

Here’s to another great year of learning, growing, and teaching!

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home

Last weekend I was walking through the garden center outside of the grocery store looking for flowers, and saw a basket full of clear plastic tubs. Curious, I walked over to see what they were and was surprised to find that they were filled with ladybugs. Now, I know ladybugs are supposed to be lucky. They are also said to bring prosperity. But none of that has anything to do what with why I did what I did.

I could blame it on the fact that I was pretty depressed. My cat had just died and the flowers I was shopping for were to plant on her grave. But for whatever reason, seeing 1500 beautiful little ladybugs trapped in each of those plastic tubs made me really sad.
decorative ladybug refrigerator magnets in tinThese ladybug magnets  I sell in metal gift tins remind me of my little friends in captivity….
I stood there for a while and looked at them, then went inside the store and did the rest of my shopping. But I could not stop thinking about those little ladybugs. When I finished getting my groceries, I found myself back outside, standing at that basket. At $10 a tub I couldn’t ‘save’ them all, but I felt compelled to set at least some of them free.
ladybug travel alarm clock
I know, I know. They were all  meant to be purchased and assuming they were, would be set free eventually. But what if there weren’t? What if they died in those tubs? And how miserable must they be all heaped in there on top of each other? Those were my sad silly thoughts at the time. Inwardly was laughing at myself. I couldn’t really believe I was doing it… so when the woman at the register asked what I was going to do with the ladybugs I simply mumbled “Um…Well….they’re good for aphids.” Not that I have any aphids. Heck, I don’t even have a garden.
ladybug nightlight
When I got home I took the tub outside put it on the deck railing next to Ramona’s new grave, and opened it. I kind of hoped a huge cloud of ladybugs would rise in the air like a tiny flock of red birds and fly off into the blue sky. But that’s not what happened at all. They just gradually begin to crawl over the edge of the container and onto the deck and explore. And eventually I got impatient and poured about half of them out into the grass.

So yeah, it was pretty anticlimactic, but it still felt good. I keep hoping I’ll see some of them around but they seem to be long gone. But hey, ladybugs – if you do bring prosperity – don’t forget me, okay?

So tiny its hard to believe these are real!

tiny knitted socks
Check out these amazing miniature works of art by Indiana knitter Althea Crome! Yes, these incredible little fairy garments are actually hand-knitted, with 70 stitches to the inch. (For perspective- normal scale knitting might have about 4 stitches to an inch) I love them! Not only are they adorably tiny and intricately detailed, but Althea packs so much expression into such eensy-weensy packages. The socks above tell a story of the artist’s childhood move from the city to rural life.

FrogAlarmfrog wall clock
I have always loved tiny things- dollhouse furniture, miniature toys, and especially miniature works of art. I have a number of tiny treasure in my house that I have collected over the years. They adorn my windowsills and shelves, find little corners to sit in, or they get their home on a teeny-tiny things shelf in my guest room. My favorite are the ones I have acquired from other artists at the Market or trade shows.
Naturally, my love of tininess also shows up in my own creative work.flying pig wall clock progress

When I create original paintings to become wall clocks, I paint them actual size. This means that a lot of the tiny details that I like to include have to be done with very small brushes and I have to keep a steady and patient hand. Often I do a little bit at a time, and then come back later, because my hand gets tired.

For the magnets and alarm clocks, the originals are reduced in size. Many of the alarm clocks are made from the same original as the wall clocks so if you, like me, are partial to miniature art, check out the alarm clocks gallery to find the 2″ version of many of the most popular wall clock designs.

dog clock kids room

Dancing Dog Wall Clock


2" square mini alarm clock

2″ square mini alarm clock


The gem magnets also feature micro images, such as the Seattle themed magnet set you see here.

Seattle theme refrigerator magnets decorative

Top Ten Gifts for Valentines

Romance is in the air, and its time to find the perfect gift for the one you love. I am posting my top ten love-themed valentines gifts, but they are not just for lovers! These whimsical gifts are are also a great way to show your affection and admiration for family, friends, and kids. There is something for everyone on your list.

Tulips alarm clock

10. Tulips are one of the most popular flowers of February– giving the first sign that spring is on its way! For a unique and personal gift, give a tulip mini alarm clock. It will never fade or wilt and will wake somebody up with a cheerful memento year-round.
The tulip clock is a great addition to a guest room or other room in your house that could use some colorful sprucing up. Our alarm clocks are also perfect for travelers, as they are light-weight and battery-operated.

Grapes wine Alarm clock

9. Paired with a fine vintage, the Fruit of the Vine alarm clock is the perfect V-day gift for the discerning palate of a vino lover. While you make memories lingering over a bottle together on February 14th, this clock will mark time throughout the year with a nod to your romantic night…

heart night light

8. Is there someone who lights up your heart? Show them so with this glowing heart night light. The heart night light is also a great valentine gift for the kiddos in your life. What better way to quell nighttime fears than by showing that your heart shines for them all through the night?

roses gem refrigerator magnets

7. Organic gardeners will love these roses, complete with a friendly ladybug. Give the traditional gift in a non-traditional way with these gem magnets, pesticide-free. These magnets are powerful enough for practical purposes- something your valentine can really use as well as admire.

if the shoe fits alarm clock

6. Do you love someone who loves shoes? Knock her socks off with this unique shoe lover’s alarm clock with magical floating high-heel action.

hearts magnets

5. Show the right sentiment when you affix love notes, snapshots of your loved ones, and treasured children’s art to your fridge with these super-strong glass gem magnets. Enough hearts for all your valentines.

my heart ticks wall clock

4. How long will your love endure? Count every second with the My Heart Ticks for You wall clock.

frog prince alarm clock

3. Do you know someone who loves a good fairytale romance? A magical kiss can turn a frog into a real prince. The frog prince alarm clock is the perfect way to awaken your dreamer from their slumbers…a kiss for froggie magically floats around the face of the clock, marking off the seconds.

love message magnets

2. Creative types will enjoy leaving messages on the refrigerator with our love themed glass gem magnets. Unlike candy message hearts, these durable magnets will deliver the message all year round, without tempting anyone away from their healthy eating habits.

heart wall clockheart alarm clock

1. Simple and straightforward, this heart wall clock and heart alarm clock show big love with lots of color. Wake that special someone up with this gift on Valentine’s Day this year, or declare your love for all to see by displaying this wall clock, a joyful complement to any room in the house.

My line of gifts are all lightweight enough to be quickly and easily shipped to your loved ones anywhere. The wall clocks look just like a hand-painted tile, but are actually made of a durable lightweight material, and can be hung with a thumbtack.
The gem magnets come in an attractive gift tin.
The alarm clocks are 2″ square, and are cordless, and simple in design.
All these can be ordered direct from my website, or purchased from one of many quality local retailers which are listed on the site. Just add a note to request a card and we’ll enclose a free heart card with your message. Just tell us what to write!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

3 more days until Small Business Saturday!



Only THREE days left to go!
Pike Place Seattle Christmas
If you are nearby, I hope you will come by Pike Place this Saturday, November 30th. It is such a magical place to be during the holidays, and such a perfect place to show your love for the local people who make Seattle work- artists, musicians, restauranteurs, and local retailers.
Not only is it Small Business Saturday, in fact, but it is the annual holiday kickoff at the market. A few of the fun happenings on Saturday:

Christmas Gem magnets homemade

My Christmas magnet set makes a great stocking stuffer.

  • FREE pictures with Santa in front of the famous Market clock and sign. (These make for wonderfully iconic Seattle holiday mailers for your loved ones far and wide…also a nice way of showing that you are supporting local shops with your dollars. Do not miss!


  • Kids’ cookie decorating party in the Market’s new Atrium Kitchen!


  • Holiday tree lighting, and lighting of the Market at 5 pm.
peace dove alarm clock painted

Peace on earth.

  • Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition: Comedy and choral performance face-off! 1-4:30pm under the Market clock.

Seattle theme refrigerator magnets decorative

Seattle magnets, for the Seattle fridge. 

  • Pick out a freshly-cut Christmas tree, holiday wreaths, and garlands direct from your local farmers.
  • Warm up with hot local apple cider, famous Pike Place hot mini doughnuts, award-winning chowder and of course, coffee!

Magnets for all the coffee lovers, from the birthplace of Seattle coffee!

Magnets for all the coffee lovers, from the birthplace of Seattle coffee!

  • Come find me in the craft day stalls! I have colorful, affordable, and useful gifts for all kinds of people on your list made from my paintings.
    Gem magnets, miniature alarm clocks, colorful wall clocks, night lights, bookmarks, and greeting cards. I have gifts suitable for stocking stuffers, gift exchange parties, secret santa events, hanukkah, and christmas.
    My designs are diverse, appealing to kids and great-grandparents, and everyone in between. You will find something to match the loves of many people on your list, and go with themes of decor in rooms in your house.
    Not to mention there are more than 200 other artists and crafts people with special and unique treasures for sale in the craft day stalls, a pillar of Seattle small business and arts community for the past 40 years.
    Come down. Bring your kids. Bring your friends. The Market on this day is an unforgettable experience.


Win What You Love Contest on Open Sky!

If you have not yet checked out the website Opensky, you are missing out. You can find and order the full selection of Paper Scissors Rock clocks, magnets, night lights and other gifts in my whimsical style at my online store there. Every week I run special promotions and deals exclusively on Opensky, and you can follow my store to get the word about these. (It only takes a minute to register on Opensky)
This week I am doing this Win What You Love Contest, where you can win free gifts. Whatever products you “love” on my Opensky store, you’ll be entered to win. See the details below.
Plus there are thousands of other great merchants on the site– not only artists and designers, but food, clothing, useful items, and lots of other emerging brands from small businesses. I shop there all the time, and am always finding new beautiful stuff. This is such a great site to do your online holiday shopping on Cyber Monday this year, where you can support all kinds of small businesses with your dollars instead of those big companies That Shall not be Named…  And of course, this means that the money you spend on gifts goes back to sustainable families and communities, so these are meaningful gifts that you won’t have to repent of come January first, 2014. 🙂
Win gifts clocks nightlights Paper Scissors Rock

Seattle Pike Place Market- Bubbles in the Wine: Lawrence Welk Improv show

Seattle Pike Place Market is celebrating The Lawrence Welk show with this wonderful, improvised musical show. Get your tickets now, and while you’re at the market, don’t forget to stop by the the craft booths, and pick up some special locally-made whimsical gifts at Paper Scissors Rock for the holidays for your loved ones.
happy hour magnets

Our decorative glass gem refrigerator magnets make a great stocking stuffer for everyone on your list.

Wednesday, October 30 2013 –
November 23, 2013


8:30 pm – 10:00 pm


Post Alley at the Gum Wall


$15.00 | buy now

Friday, Nov 15, 2013 8:30pm Thank you, Thank you. This Thanksgiving season, journey back through laughter to the land of nostalgia to that golden era of television when bright young ladies flaunted huge-and-beautiful dresses, dashing men with perfect hair tipped their top hats, and everyone lived – and sang – in harmony. Honoring the style of “The Lawrence Welk Show” which ran from 1955-82 (plus re-runs!), the hilarious improvisers of Unexpected Productions will frolic, tap, warble, and waltz their way through a 100%-improvised song ‘n’ dance comedy review, complete with a fully-improvised orchestra led by Artistic Director Randy Dixon as Lawrence Welk, himself.

So gather up the grand-parents who loved the show and the grand-children who love dancing turkeys, and join us for this happy, hilarious, wholesome Thanksgiving celebration. WARNING: A bubble machine will be used in this performance. Also, an accordion.

Saturday, Nov 16, 2013 2:00pm Saturday, Nov 16, 2013 8:30pm Friday, Nov 22, 2013 8:30pm Saturday, Nov 23, 2013 8:30pm

Phillip Lomax at Pike Place Market…My brush with the almost famous


Phillip Lomax, whimsical clocks, Pam Corwin, Seattle Pike Place Market, X Factor

X Factor finalist Phillip Lomax with artist Pam Corwin at Pike Place Market, Seattle

(9/1/13). Phillip Lomax, X Factor Finalist 2011 was our guest bell ringer at the Pike Place Market in Seattle– which means he rang the bell to start roll call, which is when all the artists choose their spaces for the day. Afterwards some folks coaxed him into singing for us. See the video of Phillip singing at Seattle’s Pike Place Market here.

Later he came by my booth. We hit it off, he’s a total sweetheart. Before he left he asked if he could have his manager take a picture with me. (My reply “Why? I’m not anybody!”) I asked him if he could make me look 10 pounds thinner so he crouched down (he’s tall!) to block off my whole body. His manager sent me this pic the next day.