9 animal pictures, then and now…(My teenage art)

Since I am a clock-maker, my work is involved in marking the passage of time. Many things change, of course, as time passes, but other things endure throughout our lives.
I went through a phase when I was about 17 of doodling different critters with this ornate crazy detail. I still have a few of these sketches, and it is fun to get them out and look at them.
My style is pretty different now, but I can see some similarities. I think its interesting to see what of my art work has changed and what remains over the years, emerging again and again. A few things seem to pop out here…
For one, my love of the colorful in art. You can see that I’m still in the habit of inking lots of little details and then coloring them in. Color endures!
Also, the word I most often hear people use in describing my style is “whimsical”. I think that word is a good one for the flavor of these older sketches too. So, whimsy endures, it seems. Don’t you think?

And three, I am still an animal lover and like to draw animals. You see a lot of cats, especially, in my gift designs, as well as a variety of other creatures. Critters endure!

There may be some less obvious things as well.
What do you think? What stands out to you?

1. Sleeping cat, then:
colorful teenage cat art

2. and 3., Sleeping cats now: (These clocks are called Big Fat Cat, and Home is Where the Cat is. You can click on them to visit to the respective galleries where they are on my website.)
one happy cat wall clockCat at home wall clock

4. Doggie, then:

crazy dog guy
5. and 6., Dogs now: (Dinner Dog night light, Arf wall clock, also linked to galleries.)
Dinner Dog Night LightArf Wall Clock
7. Bird, then:


8. and 9., Birds now: (Early Bird alarm clock and Peacock wall clock)
early bird alarm clockpeacock wall clock
This peacock painting on the wall clock is actually one of my newest designs, so its a good representation of my most recent work. (Click on the image to see the gallery of my other new designs.) Funny, I return again to something I guess I’ve been drawing for years…colorful plumage.
There are lots more cat, dog, bird and other animal clocks to be found on my website in the product galleries. There is also a lot of stuff that looks pretty different from my adolescent art work, but here I posted the ones where I see the strongest echoes of my 17 year old psychedelic animal doodles.
What about you has endured since childhood? Art/habits/style/loves…?

One thought on “9 animal pictures, then and now…(My teenage art)

  1. What struck me immediately is that for the most part in the older work the ornamentation is on the animal, while the background is plain. In the new work this is reversed. I don’t know what that means, but it’s interesting.

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