Hurry! Its not too early…to start being thankful, right now.

No Time Like the Present Wall Clock
As you probably know, I make gifts for a living…the whimsical kind– wall clocks, refrigerator magnets, night lights and things, with my original designs.
Since I am getting a small retail business ready for the busiest time of year, as you might expect, my holiday season starts in October. And let me tell you, its no vacay. This time of year, I am excited to premier my new designs, break out some awesome promotions and deals for my customers, and get my inventory prepared for the inevitable (I hope!) avalanche of holiday orders. Sometimes I feel like the squirrels you see in early November, frantically stockpiling their winter food stuffs and risking life and limb to finish in time. Yes, I understand that…
Yet its proven so important to my business and my art to not to totally give into all the rushing and frantic energy, even when I have a lot going on. In fact, I do not have to panic, even when unexpected problems arise. I do not have to, for example, jump out in front of moving vehicles to get there in time, as the squirrels seem to. Whenever I start to get crazy, I have to take a step back and recognize that this whatever is simply another problem to solve. And you know what? It works. Problems get solved, things come together, and I actually have time to be thankful for this moment and this day, even with so much work to do.
So even though it is only November 9th, I say it is not too early for Thanksgiving, and how I do that is by being present to right now. How about you?

(If you see me running out into traffic or anything, please feel free to remind me I am the gal who said this.)

squirrel alarm clock

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