Update: Designing a new line

Over the past couple months, I’ve been in deep with a new project- developing what has become a new line of products. At first, I was just experimenting with a new illustration style…very soon I was in over my head! I wanted to share some of my process for how this has happened.

Here’s the first drawing I did on that first Sunday, moving through its phases of development- a pen and ink owl.

When I finished I couldn’t believe 7 hours had gone by since I settled in on the deck with my pad and pens. I hadn’t gotten this blissfully lost in the process of making art in more years than I can count.

I could hardly wait to start on the next creation- an elephant.

Since I embarked on this journey, I have spent many days immersed in this process, resulting in about a dozen new designs! I will share more of them on the blog upcoming, and they are being introduced as high quality prints, suitable for framing.

Obviously, this line is a departure from the colorful style you see in my current gifts. These have a different feel with the intricate pen and ink detail, but I think the new designs, while fresh, retain some of what makes my stuff my own. I’m still drawn to the whimsical, to images from nature, animals, and celebrating the important things in life. Stay tuned to see how I these themes appear in this new line of prints. You can get your hands on them this holiday season!

Lily and the Rock

My new neighbor Bob has this great dog named Lily. He moved into the house at the end of the dead end road we live on, which has almost no yard. So I told him Lily could play in mine anytime.

The other day I looked out the window and saw Bob watching Lily play with something. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it looked like she was having a blast. I went outside to check it out and join in the fun.

It turns out that Lily is in love with a rock. Not any rock, just this one particular rock. She could care less about any other rock.

When Bob moved in he brought her rock with him and put it under the coffee table. Lily has spent months laying near the table with her head on her paws staring longingly at the rock. This is the first time in 6 months he brought it outside so she coud play with it.


I honestly have no idea how I made half of the second film film in slow motion. But I think it’s pretty cool.



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“The Best Shift Ever” April Fool’s positive prank

April Fool’s Day can bring all kinds of pranks- mean pranks, slapstick pranks, elaborate pranks and witty pranks. But THIS! This video is an inspiring story about an ordinary good person, Chelsea, a waitress at the Sprint St. Smoke House, and the gifts that her community arranged for her in the form of a positive ‘prank’. Her friends and coworkers worked with a television show to plot ‘The Best Shift Ever’ for her.

She receives amazing tips from customer after customer, and although she’s amazed, doesn’t seem to suspect a thing.

1. At 1:31- $1000 cash tip.
2. At 2:14- Vacation to Hawaii as a tip
3. 3:20- Her dream job offer!
4. 4:30- A new car to replace her junker!
5. 5:38- A visit from her old friend. Here is where the tears start to flow!
What an amazing woman and heartwarming story.

12 Things money clock

Have you ever done a “positive prank”? Or received one?


Actress Patty Duke visits the Craftspeople at Pike Place Market

Having grown up watching her TV show, when I booked Patty Duke to ring the bell at the market I was thrilled. Like many of us, I have seen The Miracle Worker, for which she won an Oscar, many times. And of course, I’ve seen her in many other films and TV shows over the years. But as fun as I imagined the day might be, I never dreamed it could be as special as it really was.

Patty Duke (whose real name is Anna) is still absolutely beautiful, and she and her husband Mike are two of the most genuine, loving, fun people you’ll ever meet. The couple met when Anna was filming A Time to Triumph, the true story of a woman helicopter pilot. Mike, who was a drill sergeant at the time, was hired as a consultant to teach her how to salute, march, etc. and in the process they fell in love. They have been married for 28 years, and they both exude a combination of warmth, humor and kindness that is rare to find.

Patty at roll call, wearing the fabulous hat given to her by Goldie of Lidwear

Patty at roll call, wearing the fabulous hat given to her by Goldie of Lidwear

What not everyone knows about Anna is that while we were all at home happily watching her on TV and in movies, she was enduring a difficult & traumatic childhood. And on top of all the trauma she experienced in her personal life, in 1982 she was also diagnosed as bi-polar. She has since become a passionate advocate, author, speaker and educator on mental health issues. (My brother is a psychiatrist and when he heard I’d be meeting Anna, he called to make sure I know what an amazing woman she is. He told me that he feels deeply indebted to her on behalf of his patients, and what a difference her work and voice has made for so many.)
As I took Mike and Anna on a tour of the market, I watched with admiration as Anna looked into the eyes of every person who approached her, and greeted them as if they were already a friend – whether a fan of her TV Show, movies, or books, or someone who has dealt with mental illness in their own life and knew of her advocacy work. She gave out hugs that clearly came from her heart, and her sparkly personality and openness left each person she met glowing.

Actress Patty Duke Pike Market SeattlePatty Duke by Pam CorwinPatty Duke with Paper Scissors Rock and Pike  Place Market artists

At one point, I told Anna & Mike about a dear friend at the market who is bi-polar had hoped to meet her but couldn’t make it that day. Her husband died recently and our community is worried about her.  Anna listened with clear concern and both she and Mike simply said “Call her.” So I dialed the phone and Anna took it and walked off to give her support and sage words of advice in private. Our friend was blown away by the kindness and generosity of this amazing woman.

After Anna rang the bell, a small group of us went out to breakfast. What a lovely time it was! We were joined by Lori Ness, of Northwest Prime Radio (who is the person who put me in touch with Anna), Mary Kay Sherwood of Sherwood Silkscreen, and Kat Allen of Symbols in Art.

Mike made me laugh all morning.

Mike made me laugh all morning.

After breakfast so many people wanted to give Anna and Mike gifts and thank them for coming that it took us two hours to get through the market.

Patty Duke and artists have breakfast

Mel Dofredo of Villanueva Arts is still talking about the wonderful, heartfelt conversation he had with Anna.

Mel Dofredo of Villanueva Arts is still talking about the wonderful, heartfelt conversation he had with Anna.

screen print art at Pike Market with Patty Duke

Sarah Porter of Saragrapics

Seattle textile artist and Patty Duke

Sheila Mead of Gypsy Wings Textiles  shared her work with Anna.

I never expected to meet two such down to earth people and make new friends that day. But these two are in my heart (and I hope my life) forever.

If you want to know more about Anna’s journey, I recommend you read her best seller, Call Me Anna. If if you or anyone you love lives with bipolar disorder, I  also highly recommend her second book, Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic Depressive Illness.

Anna and Mike will be at the Hollywood autograph show the 12th and 13th of April, in LA. http://www.hollywoodshow.com/main.php

Anna will be speaking in Kadima, Michigan on Thursday, May 8th

Anna will be attending a screening of The Miracle Worker in Omaha, Nebraska on May 23

Duluth Superior Film Festival, May 28th to the 31st

And she will be speaking in Connecticut on June 6th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near Middletown, CT

Follow Anna on Facebook 

Violinist Andrew Joslyn, celebrity bellringer at Pike Place Market


You may not know the amazing violinist Andrew Joslyn by name yet but you have surely seen him. It might have been playing with Mary Lambert on the Jay Leno Show, at Radio City Music Hall or on tour with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, or at the Grammys when they performed the amazing mass wedding that brought the crowd to their feet. It could have been touring with Judy Collins, Mark Lanegan (Queens of the Stone Age), Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses), or Tim Lopez (Plain White T’s).  Or if you were very, very lucky – when he rang the bell to open our day at Pike Place Market.

Andrew ‘s visit to the market was so much fun. He is a lovely, warm and wonderful person. He grew up on Bainbridge Island and had a fascinating upbringing. His parents are both Buddhist monks and he was encouraged to think creatively from a very young age. His sound is exciting and refreshing, playing his own arrangements of contemporary music ranging from rock, folk, world to hip-hop, and electronic on violin.

He played for the crowd at our request and we spent several hours walking the market as he visited artists, learning about their work and being welcomed and thanked with gifts from many of the crafts people.

andrew joslyn at pike place market AndrewandBeth

Before he left I invited Andrew to take his pick from anything at my table. He thought about the Buddha for his parents, but ended up choosing the Music clock for himself. (He even hummed the Bach Sonata I used on the border for me. I’d never heard it!)

Buddha laughing wall clock whimsical music notes wall clock

He made everyone laugh, spent time chatting with everyone he met, was humble and appreciative and clearly understood the life of an artist and the passion our community has for what we do. The entire market fell in love with him.  (Fun fact:  his brother is Chris Kattan, from Saturday Night Live)

Andrew is spending all of March touring with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan and China
But you can see him when he returns to Seattle in April. He’s playing at the Triple Door on April 8th with Susy Sun with the Passenger String Quartet and April 11th  with Victoria Contreras and the Andrew Joslyn Orchestra.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter @JoslynMusic and I hope you’ll visit his website to learn more about him, the Passenger String Quartet and hear more of his music.


And just because I love it so much, I have to end with this video of “Irish Celebration” where you can see and hear Andrew playing.

The Voice’s Stephanie Johnson at Pike Place Market

Stephanie Johnson and Dan at Pike Market
Stephanie Johnson from The Voice was our guest bell ringer at Pike Place Market last weekend, February 1st. Stephanie is an amazing singer, and if you didn’t see her on the show, you missed a real treat. Stephanie met me early in the morning for our “Behind the Scenes” tour. I showed her around, and told her all about the lives of the craftspeople at the market. Above you can see her with Dan Gregory, who gave her some of his art as a gift.

Stephanie was so appreciative of our story, and truly understood what living the life of an artist is really like. She too, follows her passion every day. Josh Swanson of Kobo Art Garden presented her with a glass heart. She loved it!

Stephanie Johnson and Josh at Pike Place Market
Stephanie told me that when she was a little girl she sang all of the time, she woke up singing, came home from school singing, she sang constantly – and she sang well, even then. Her older brother was so impressed by this that he convinced their parents to get Stephanie singing lessons – and a star was born. Sadly, her brother passed away when he was 21, a tragic loss for Stephanie and her family. But he left her with a huge gift, the support and opportunity to to follow her passion, which changed her life forever. So he lives on in her, every time she sings.

Stephanie opened up roll call with a song.

After roll call, I brought her around to meet a long list of craftspeople who asked to meet her and give her gifts of their work. Stephanie made friends all over the market, as she engaged with everyone she met as if they were old friends. She is just an incredibly beautiful, warm, lovely, person. It took us from 9am until noon to get to everyone who wanted to thank her for coming, which many did with gifts of their art.

I wanted to give Stephanie one of my clocks, so I let her pick out her favorite. She chose the bouquet wall clock.
bouquet wall clock

I also heard some great stories about her travels all over the world and her days singing on the cruise ships. She has led an amazing life. When she left, Stephanie gifted me with her newest CD, Hollatchagurl which I listened to on the way home. It’s fabulous! I highly recommend you download it on iTunes. What a voice!

You can follow Stephanie on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/musicsaj

or on Twitter https://twitter.com/MsStephanieSaid

Her Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/callmecodify

How to fix your wall clock: part 3

Part three is now up in my video series on How to fix your Wall Clock! (Follow link to see my selection of over 100 unique, artsy wall clocks.)
In this two and a half minute video I will show you what to do if your clock has a loose hour hand. Usually this is caused by setting the clock using the hands instead of the knob on the back of the clock. Again, this is an easy fix that anyone can do at home with no special tools or expertise. I will guide you through it step-by-step.
The clock that is featured in this video is called Twelve Things to Make Besides Money.

How to fix your wall clock: part 2

Posting these very short 2-minute troubleshooting videos about problems that people call me about with the wall clocks. In this video we look at the clock that simply does not tick.
There are 3 possible reasons/solutions for this problem:

1. Yes, there is an on/off switch on the back of the clock. If you didn’t notice this, don’t worry, you are not the first one, and this is the easiest fix. Turn the clock on!

2. No battery or you’re using an expired or exhausted battery. Try a fresh battery before you conclude that your wall clock is broken. Even if you think the battery is fresh, try a battery from a different pack or from a device that you know is working.

3. The hands have been bent and are stuck on one another. (Note: this is due to mishandling of the clock- please use the knobs to set the time, not the hands!) Watch the video to see how to gently straighten the hands and check that they have clearance.

In the unlikely scenario that you have tried all of these and your clock still does not tick, please do give me a call so we can address the issue. This is super unusual though, so please do test carefully for the issues in the videos first. These are the most common issues, and the easiest to fix!

As in the first video, the clock you see pictured here is the 12 Things to Make Besides Money wall clock. Click the link to view or order this clock in the wall clock gallery on my website. These clocks are arranged in alphabetical order, and its under “T”.

How to fix your wall clock: part 1

In this video series, I, artist/clockmaker Pam Corwin, will show you how to troubleshoot if you have problems with a wall clock you purchased from my gift line, Paper Scissors Rock.
The majority of the time, when people call me about a “broken” clock, it is really clock that has been mishandled when someone was trying to set the time the wrong way. Note: DO NOT grasp the hands directly to try to set your clock! They are delicate. The knob on the back is designed for that purpose! Please use it.
However, if you have already set your clock using the clock hands, and have accidentally bent or jarred them loose, don’t worry! In these videos I will go over how to easily put loose clock hands back on the track, or straighten a bent hand.
If your clock doesn’t work properly, please go through these 1-minute videos and try the fixes before calling us about a return.(But please never return anything without calling us for a Return Authorization number first) I do guarantee my products, so in the rare event that your clock actually has a manufacturing flaw, I will happily repair or replace it.   However, that is really quite unusual. 95% of clock problems are one of the three issues in this video series, not a broken clock. Stay tuned!
The clock pictured in this video is called 12 Things to Make Besides Money, and is available for order online. 12 Things to Make Besides Money (corresponding to the 12 numbers on the clock): music, friends, love, time, peace, a wish,  dinner, amends, jokes, magic, art, believe.