I have really been terrible about posting, haven’t I? I have made an early New Years resolution to get back to it, and keep everyone updated on all the news and fun going on here at the studio. I have been super busy and the result of all the hard work is my new coloring book for grown-ups. Meditations In Color. It was so much fun to design and I am so excited  about it.

To celebrate the holidays, I am offering a special sale this week JUST for readers of this blog. Enter code PSRBLOG to get $2.00 off each copy of the book ordered by this Saturday, December 5th. Shipping is free!

Coloring Book and page

Brian Nunes new Film – Find your Way: a Busker’s Documentary

Filmmaker Brian Nunes was our most recent guest bell ringer at the Pike Place Market. The crafts community was thrilled to meet him, especially since Brian made a film called Find your Way: a Busker’s Documentary, which is about the buskers at Pike Place. These folks are a special part of the fabric of the market and they are a talented and much loved group of musicians.

Buskers are hard working folks who are often misunderstood and under appreciated and Brian’s wonderful film shows their true stories and opens your heart to their passion. The film follows the musicians over three years and features world renowned violinist Joshua Bell and 90’s rocker Chris Ballew of The Presidents. I promise you will see street musicians in a new way, and never pass them on the street again without appreciating them.

Brian says: “The film is a discussion of how we define success – both culturally and personally.  It examines the way we create value based on context and challenges audiences to think deeper about how they consume culture.

 My passion in life is being true to one’s personal creative path and encouraging others to do the same.  My personal work is a reflection of that passion and I will always bring a level of authenticity to any story I tell.”

Here’s the trailer:

You can attend a special screening of Find Your Way in Seattle. Providing enough tickets are pre-sold by September 4th, it will be shown at the Uptown as part of the Seattle International Film Festival – Thursday, September 11at 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Let’s help make this happen – hurry and get your tickets here.

Not in or near  Seattle? Check the website for details about the other screenings in Portland Santa Monica, New York, Breckinridge, and Bellingham

New knobs and drawer pulls!

I’m so excited to introduce my new line of knobs and drawer pulls! They are a colorful way to customize any room or piece of furniture to reflect your style. My drawer pulls and knobs are exclusively available on Houzz.com at this time. (They are not even available on psrock.com.) And right now they are listed on Houzz.com with low introductory prices, so grab them now if you want this deal. 
DRAWER PULLS measure 1″ x 4″ with standard 3″ centers
KNOBS are 1.35″ diameter
knobs and drawer pulls

7 creative end-of-year gift ideas for teacher

It’s the end of the school year, a great time to show appreciation for the people who have made your kids’ year of learning great.
Don’t fall victim to giving a boring or cliche gift! Give something personal, useful, and memorable from Paper Scissors Rock. My affordable, functional gift items are personalized with hundreds of designs made from my original art work, and they are great for teachers! Here are a few ideas. Check out my galleries for more inspiration!

1. Teacher appreciation wall clock: Celebrate all teachers with this colorful wall clock made from a print of one of my original paintings. This clock looks just like a beautiful tile but it is actually on a lightweight foam board, so it is durable, safe for the classroom, and easy to hang with nothing but a pushpinteacher wall clock

2. Reach for the Stars wall clock. Like all Paper Scissors Rock clocks, this one is made from a print of one of my original watercolor paintings. Give this to a teacher who has been a great inspiration or encouragement. This unique art clock makes great classroom decor.reach for the stars wall clock

3. Music lovers wall clock. A great gift for a band or music teacher!

whimsical music notes wall clock

4. Van Gogh’s ear alarm clock. This durable, lightweight alarm clock will tickle the wit of an art or history teacher. Van Gogh’s looks on as his left ear magically floats around the clockface, counting the seconds.
van goghs ear

5. Don’t forget a gift for coach! I have a number of sports designs in magnets, wall clocks and alarm clocks. Look for baseball, soccer, basketball and football designs in the galleries.
soccer glass magnets

7. Teacher glass gem magnets. These super-strong magnets look stylie as they display student work, pictures, or memos from teacher. Don’t let teach start next year unprepared with these.

teacher glass gem magnets


Best Olympia art event: Procession of the Species


Earth Day is not over where I live. In fact, we are just warming up.
My favorite event here in Olympia, Washington is the annual Procession of the Species, a giant, makeshift artistic homage to the flora, fauna, and natural elements of our world. procession of the species
Months before the week of Earth Day, a warehouse space opens downtown to begin construction for the parade. Individuals, classrooms, girl scout troops, faith communities…basically everyone in town crowds into the warehouse to get involved. And so begins the creative process – costume making workshops, choreographing dance routines and marching bands, and constructing costumes.
Oh the costume construction! They range from simple painted cereal box animal masks to the elaborate large-scale segmented paper mache creatures that serve in lieu of floats as the parade’s main attractions. Since nothing motorized is allowed, the giant creatures are made with flexible parts and worn by groups of people–15′ elephants, dinosaurs, dragons, and even giant insects have romped through the Olympia streets in 20 years of “The Procession” tradition.

zebras olympia

I usually attend the Procession as a spectator. People expect me to be in the parade  because I’m a working artist, and I creates a lot of animal art (I have over a hundred designs of wall clocks, alarm clocks, night lights, cards, and magnets featuring critters), but I so look forward to witnessing the parade every year that I don’t mind sitting at the sidelines. And the sense of community and joy in the air when the whole town comes out to play is something I just love to be a part of.
If you happen to be in the Olympia, Washington area, do not miss the revelry!
This is an event to remind us that our home is a place teeming with precious creatures, and we are responsible to all of them to keep the earth livable and beautiful.

The real life Paperbag Princess struts her stuff!

Oscars 2014 was a memorable night! Here are a few of my Oscars highlights:
I love Ellen. She made the show for me. I loved the pizza delivery and thought it was hilarious when she took the ‘selfie’. I cried at Jared Leto’s speech. I loved Cate Blanchett’s dress and thought she deserved the win.
AND…I loved the fabulous (and even the not so fabulous) dresses.
But the red carpet’s finest had nothing on this little Miss, inspiration of the week. I caught this article trending last week from Huffington post about this 4 year-old fashionista nicknamed “Mayhem”, and the incredible unique paper creations that her mother (and assistant) has been photo-documenting on Instagram at #fashionbymayhem.

Check her out in her stunning paper replica of Lupita Nyong’o’s Golden Globe gown by Ralph Lauren.
Well, it looks like Mayhem may actually have real fashion sense as this was the one she chose as her favorite from the globes. I was tempted to post this last night when I saw this dress popping up as "BEST" all over the entertainment shows (we made it early yesterday) but figured I could just show you the metadata on the image if you don't believe me ;) Happy Tuesday! #fashionbymayhem


Everything she makes is out of paper or scrap from around her house! Her mom says that she began designing the dresses in the beginning at her daughter’s request, but the four year old, whom she endearingly calls ‘Mayhem’ on the blog, soon took the helm. She can now cut out and tape together dresses unassisted, though Mom still helps with some her more elaborate designs, such as this incredibly whimsical creation stolen from the runway.

Since Mayhem’s work hit the news last week, she has experienced an overnight rise to fame! And with her precocious creative sensibility, I’d say she deserves the fanfare, wouldn’t you?

Honor the creative princess in your life with princess kids room decor from the Paper Scissors Rock including colorful wall clock, travel-sized Battery powered princess alarm clock, and a princess nightlight (guaranteed to scare off the dragons!).

Proud to be a Princess alarm clock princess night light

Alan White tours the Pike Place Market

Saturday December 28th was a really fun and special day at the Market in Seattle. We were blessed to have Alan White, the drummer from Yes, as our guest bell ringer.Alan White, Pam Corwin, Pike Place Market, Seattle

The roll call bell is rung each morning at 9am. It calls out to the crafts community to let them know that roll call is beginning and to be ready to choose our market space for the day. This is a longstanding tradition to the local producers who not only hand make their products, but also set up and break down their “shops” each day.

Alan White, Pike Place Market, Bell Ringer

When they arrive in the morning, guest bell ringers get a “behind the scenes” tour and the insiders story, from how we jury in, to what our daily lives are like; including set up, break down, the daily challenges we face, the strength of our community/family and much more. This is the little known story of what we really do and who we really are.

Alan and his lovely wife Gigi arrived with two friends (professional photographers, Jerry and Lois Levin) that cold morning, coffee in hand. I invited Dean Moller, a fabulous artisan who makes cigar box guitars and amps, to join us on our behind the scenes, ‘insider’ market tour. He showed us all one of his guitars and did a demo. I wish you could have seen their faces light up when they saw that guitar, and then the gasp when he pulled out a tiny cigar box amp!  They all just loved it and really hit it off.
Alan White and Dean with cigarbox guitar
I invited Dan Schmidt to do the intro. Dan’s parents, Sandi and Richard make ocarinas. Richard requested that Dan do Alan’s intro and two days later, Richard died in  his sleep. The entire market was in shock, as Richard was a kind, funny, amazing man and was loved by everyone. I checked back with Dan to see if he still wanted to do it and found out Richard & he listened to Yes together all the time. Dan learned their songs and played them in several bands as a teen and Richard had wanted them to do the intro together. Dan said it would mean a lot to do it, and it meant a lot to our community to honor Richard’s request.
Pike Place Market, Alan White, Yes

Dan’s entire family came to the market that morning. Dan wore one of Richard’s hats (Richard was never without a hat). I told Alan and Gigi this story before they met, and they were both  touched. After roll call, Dan took them on a tour, they went out to breakfast together, and then Alan asked to meet the whole Schmidt family.  Sandi gave Alan an ocarina and the family gave him a lesson,  and Alan signed a drumstick for Dan. It was a wonderful day, and Alan and Gigi, were gracious, funny, and warm.0108_WhitePPM0121_WhitePPM

The special day was all documented in these beautiful photos by photographer Jerry Levin.


Don’t miss Alan White at Play it Forward at the Neptune, February 9th. It’s a fabulous benefit to support music education in Washington State, and you can read about and buy tickets here.

Pam Corwin, Alan White, Pike Place Market, Play it Forward

I thanked Alan by giving him my Pike Place Market wall clock, which can be viewed and ordered on my website.

How to fix your wall clock: part 2

Posting these very short 2-minute troubleshooting videos about problems that people call me about with the wall clocks. In this video we look at the clock that simply does not tick.
There are 3 possible reasons/solutions for this problem:

1. Yes, there is an on/off switch on the back of the clock. If you didn’t notice this, don’t worry, you are not the first one, and this is the easiest fix. Turn the clock on!

2. No battery or you’re using an expired or exhausted battery. Try a fresh battery before you conclude that your wall clock is broken. Even if you think the battery is fresh, try a battery from a different pack or from a device that you know is working.

3. The hands have been bent and are stuck on one another. (Note: this is due to mishandling of the clock- please use the knobs to set the time, not the hands!) Watch the video to see how to gently straighten the hands and check that they have clearance.

In the unlikely scenario that you have tried all of these and your clock still does not tick, please do give me a call so we can address the issue. This is super unusual though, so please do test carefully for the issues in the videos first. These are the most common issues, and the easiest to fix!

As in the first video, the clock you see pictured here is the 12 Things to Make Besides Money wall clock. Click the link to view or order this clock in the wall clock gallery on my website. These clocks are arranged in alphabetical order, and its under “T”.

Hurry! Its not too early…to start being thankful, right now.

No Time Like the Present Wall Clock
As you probably know, I make gifts for a living…the whimsical kind– wall clocks, refrigerator magnets, night lights and things, with my original designs.
Since I am getting a small retail business ready for the busiest time of year, as you might expect, my holiday season starts in October. And let me tell you, its no vacay. This time of year, I am excited to premier my new designs, break out some awesome promotions and deals for my customers, and get my inventory prepared for the inevitable (I hope!) avalanche of holiday orders. Sometimes I feel like the squirrels you see in early November, frantically stockpiling their winter food stuffs and risking life and limb to finish in time. Yes, I understand that…
Yet its proven so important to my business and my art to not to totally give into all the rushing and frantic energy, even when I have a lot going on. In fact, I do not have to panic, even when unexpected problems arise. I do not have to, for example, jump out in front of moving vehicles to get there in time, as the squirrels seem to. Whenever I start to get crazy, I have to take a step back and recognize that this whatever is simply another problem to solve. And you know what? It works. Problems get solved, things come together, and I actually have time to be thankful for this moment and this day, even with so much work to do.
So even though it is only November 9th, I say it is not too early for Thanksgiving, and how I do that is by being present to right now. How about you?

(If you see me running out into traffic or anything, please feel free to remind me I am the gal who said this.)

squirrel alarm clock

Lisa Frank studio tour

So, recently I posted a tour of Paper Scissors Rock’s studio, and I mentioned that I am really intrigued by other artist’s workspaces and processes.
This week, Urban Outfitters posted this tour, of the elusive 1980’s craze designer Lisa Frank’s studio. Apparently she is very reclusive (wouldn’t show her face in the interview.) but she recently sold her designs to the company, and agreed to do this tour with them.
Wow. So weird and interesting, all of it! Her lifelong obsession with rainbows and glitz, her giant psychedelic teddy bears, the fire-proof vault containing all her original work… And so sweet how she kept all the letters from her kid fans over the years!