Brian Nunes new Film – Find your Way: a Busker’s Documentary

Filmmaker Brian Nunes was our most recent guest bell ringer at the Pike Place Market. The crafts community was thrilled to meet him, especially since Brian made a film called Find your Way: a Busker’s Documentary, which is about the buskers at Pike Place. These folks are a special part of the fabric of the market and they are a talented and much loved group of musicians.

Buskers are hard working folks who are often misunderstood and under appreciated and Brian’s wonderful film shows their true stories and opens your heart to their passion. The film follows the musicians over three years and features world renowned violinist Joshua Bell and 90’s rocker Chris Ballew of The Presidents. I promise you will see street musicians in a new way, and never pass them on the street again without appreciating them.

Brian says: “The film is a discussion of how we define success – both culturally and personally.  It examines the way we create value based on context and challenges audiences to think deeper about how they consume culture.

 My passion in life is being true to one’s personal creative path and encouraging others to do the same.  My personal work is a reflection of that passion and I will always bring a level of authenticity to any story I tell.”

Here’s the trailer:

You can attend a special screening of Find Your Way in Seattle. Providing enough tickets are pre-sold by September 4th, it will be shown at the Uptown as part of the Seattle International Film Festival – Thursday, September 11at 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Let’s help make this happen – hurry and get your tickets here.

Not in or near  Seattle? Check the website for details about the other screenings in Portland Santa Monica, New York, Breckinridge, and Bellingham

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