Actress Patty Duke visits the Craftspeople at Pike Place Market

Having grown up watching her TV show, when I booked Patty Duke to ring the bell at the market I was thrilled. Like many of us, I have seen The Miracle Worker, for which she won an Oscar, many times. And of course, I’ve seen her in many other films and TV shows over the years. But as fun as I imagined the day might be, I never dreamed it could be as special as it really was.

Patty Duke (whose real name is Anna) is still absolutely beautiful, and she and her husband Mike are two of the most genuine, loving, fun people you’ll ever meet. The couple met when Anna was filming A Time to Triumph, the true story of a woman helicopter pilot. Mike, who was a drill sergeant at the time, was hired as a consultant to teach her how to salute, march, etc. and in the process they fell in love. They have been married for 28 years, and they both exude a combination of warmth, humor and kindness that is rare to find.

Patty at roll call, wearing the fabulous hat given to her by Goldie of Lidwear

Patty at roll call, wearing the fabulous hat given to her by Goldie of Lidwear

What not everyone knows about Anna is that while we were all at home happily watching her on TV and in movies, she was enduring a difficult & traumatic childhood. And on top of all the trauma she experienced in her personal life, in 1982 she was also diagnosed as bi-polar. She has since become a passionate advocate, author, speaker and educator on mental health issues. (My brother is a psychiatrist and when he heard I’d be meeting Anna, he called to make sure I know what an amazing woman she is. He told me that he feels deeply indebted to her on behalf of his patients, and what a difference her work and voice has made for so many.)
As I took Mike and Anna on a tour of the market, I watched with admiration as Anna looked into the eyes of every person who approached her, and greeted them as if they were already a friend – whether a fan of her TV Show, movies, or books, or someone who has dealt with mental illness in their own life and knew of her advocacy work. She gave out hugs that clearly came from her heart, and her sparkly personality and openness left each person she met glowing.

Actress Patty Duke Pike Market SeattlePatty Duke by Pam CorwinPatty Duke with Paper Scissors Rock and Pike  Place Market artists

At one point, I told Anna & Mike about a dear friend at the market who is bi-polar had hoped to meet her but couldn’t make it that day. Her husband died recently and our community is worried about her.  Anna listened with clear concern and both she and Mike simply said “Call her.” So I dialed the phone and Anna took it and walked off to give her support and sage words of advice in private. Our friend was blown away by the kindness and generosity of this amazing woman.

After Anna rang the bell, a small group of us went out to breakfast. What a lovely time it was! We were joined by Lori Ness, of Northwest Prime Radio (who is the person who put me in touch with Anna), Mary Kay Sherwood of Sherwood Silkscreen, and Kat Allen of Symbols in Art.

Mike made me laugh all morning.

Mike made me laugh all morning.

After breakfast so many people wanted to give Anna and Mike gifts and thank them for coming that it took us two hours to get through the market.

Patty Duke and artists have breakfast

Mel Dofredo of Villanueva Arts is still talking about the wonderful, heartfelt conversation he had with Anna.

Mel Dofredo of Villanueva Arts is still talking about the wonderful, heartfelt conversation he had with Anna.

screen print art at Pike Market with Patty Duke

Sarah Porter of Saragrapics

Seattle textile artist and Patty Duke

Sheila Mead of Gypsy Wings Textiles  shared her work with Anna.

I never expected to meet two such down to earth people and make new friends that day. But these two are in my heart (and I hope my life) forever.

If you want to know more about Anna’s journey, I recommend you read her best seller, Call Me Anna. If if you or anyone you love lives with bipolar disorder, I  also highly recommend her second book, Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic Depressive Illness.

Anna and Mike will be at the Hollywood autograph show the 12th and 13th of April, in LA.

Anna will be speaking in Kadima, Michigan on Thursday, May 8th

Anna will be attending a screening of The Miracle Worker in Omaha, Nebraska on May 23

Duluth Superior Film Festival, May 28th to the 31st

And she will be speaking in Connecticut on June 6th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near Middletown, CT

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New York Times Bestselling Author Garth Stein at Pike Place Market

On March 1st I was lucky enough to host Garth Stein the author of The Art of Racing in the Rain when he rang the bell to start our day at Pike Place Market, in Seattle.

If you haven’t read The Art of Racing in the Rain, you’re missing out. It’s a fabulous book, and was a New York Times bestseller for 156 weeks.  The story is told from a dog’s point of view. You‘ll fall in love with Enzo, who believes in the Mongolian legend that a dog who is prepared will be reincarnated in his next life as a human.

garth stein at pike place

Before he rang the bell, Garth told us all a story about his sister who once sold her art at the market.  On days when business was slow, she’d make origami cranes out of dollar bills and put them on her table on sale for $1.00 each. One day two women paused to look at them, shook their heads, declared them an overpriced rip-off and walked away. That got a huge laugh from the crowd.

 Garth Stein and artists gift shopping

Garth is a fascinating person. He was a race car driver himself and co-produced an Academy Award winning short film, The Lunch Date. And he is as wonderful a human being as you’d expect after reading his book. Kristin Schwartz of Silver Cherry jewelry greeted him with me, and after we showed him the underbelly of the market and told him a couple of legendary market stories Kristen showed him around the Market and took him to our famed mini-donut stand for a treat.

She then escorted him to meet the many market fans who had brought books for him to sign and wanted to gift him with their art.

garth stein art of racing the rain

Garth has a new book coming out. A Sudden Light, will be published on
September 30, 2014. And great news for kids: Garth’s children’s picture book, Enzo Races in the Rain, will be published in November of this year.

Garth is also one of the founders of Seattle7Writers, a collective of Pacific Northwest authors creating connections between writers, readers, librarians and booksellers to foster and support a passion for the written word. They are hosting a Book Club Brunch at Mount Baker Community Center on June 21, 2014.  Keynote speaker is Daniel James Brown (The Boys in the Boat).  See for information.

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So tiny its hard to believe these are real!

tiny knitted socks
Check out these amazing miniature works of art by Indiana knitter Althea Crome! Yes, these incredible little fairy garments are actually hand-knitted, with 70 stitches to the inch. (For perspective- normal scale knitting might have about 4 stitches to an inch) I love them! Not only are they adorably tiny and intricately detailed, but Althea packs so much expression into such eensy-weensy packages. The socks above tell a story of the artist’s childhood move from the city to rural life.

FrogAlarmfrog wall clock
I have always loved tiny things- dollhouse furniture, miniature toys, and especially miniature works of art. I have a number of tiny treasure in my house that I have collected over the years. They adorn my windowsills and shelves, find little corners to sit in, or they get their home on a teeny-tiny things shelf in my guest room. My favorite are the ones I have acquired from other artists at the Market or trade shows.
Naturally, my love of tininess also shows up in my own creative work.flying pig wall clock progress

When I create original paintings to become wall clocks, I paint them actual size. This means that a lot of the tiny details that I like to include have to be done with very small brushes and I have to keep a steady and patient hand. Often I do a little bit at a time, and then come back later, because my hand gets tired.

For the magnets and alarm clocks, the originals are reduced in size. Many of the alarm clocks are made from the same original as the wall clocks so if you, like me, are partial to miniature art, check out the alarm clocks gallery to find the 2″ version of many of the most popular wall clock designs.

dog clock kids room

Dancing Dog Wall Clock


2" square mini alarm clock

2″ square mini alarm clock


The gem magnets also feature micro images, such as the Seattle themed magnet set you see here.

Seattle theme refrigerator magnets decorative

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Violinist Andrew Joslyn, celebrity bellringer at Pike Place Market


You may not know the amazing violinist Andrew Joslyn by name yet but you have surely seen him. It might have been playing with Mary Lambert on the Jay Leno Show, at Radio City Music Hall or on tour with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, or at the Grammys when they performed the amazing mass wedding that brought the crowd to their feet. It could have been touring with Judy Collins, Mark Lanegan (Queens of the Stone Age), Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses), or Tim Lopez (Plain White T’s).  Or if you were very, very lucky – when he rang the bell to open our day at Pike Place Market.

Andrew ‘s visit to the market was so much fun. He is a lovely, warm and wonderful person. He grew up on Bainbridge Island and had a fascinating upbringing. His parents are both Buddhist monks and he was encouraged to think creatively from a very young age. His sound is exciting and refreshing, playing his own arrangements of contemporary music ranging from rock, folk, world to hip-hop, and electronic on violin.

He played for the crowd at our request and we spent several hours walking the market as he visited artists, learning about their work and being welcomed and thanked with gifts from many of the crafts people.

andrew joslyn at pike place market AndrewandBeth

Before he left I invited Andrew to take his pick from anything at my table. He thought about the Buddha for his parents, but ended up choosing the Music clock for himself. (He even hummed the Bach Sonata I used on the border for me. I’d never heard it!)

Buddha laughing wall clock whimsical music notes wall clock

He made everyone laugh, spent time chatting with everyone he met, was humble and appreciative and clearly understood the life of an artist and the passion our community has for what we do. The entire market fell in love with him.  (Fun fact:  his brother is Chris Kattan, from Saturday Night Live)

Andrew is spending all of March touring with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan and China
But you can see him when he returns to Seattle in April. He’s playing at the Triple Door on April 8th with Susy Sun with the Passenger String Quartet and April 11th  with Victoria Contreras and the Andrew Joslyn Orchestra.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter @JoslynMusic and I hope you’ll visit his website to learn more about him, the Passenger String Quartet and hear more of his music.

And just because I love it so much, I have to end with this video of “Irish Celebration” where you can see and hear Andrew playing.

Unsolved mysteries, and making wishes…

Reach for the stars wall clock

File this under ordinary daily inspiration: The other day I looked out the window at about 7am and there was a giant tangle of something orange way up high in the branches of a filbert tree over my meditation cottage.

I wish I’d taken a picture while it was still up there, it was about 3 feet wide.
I got out my binoculars but still couldn’t figure out what it was. Fabric? a balloon? Paper? For some reason I was sure it was something wonderful.
So I went out in my pj’s and shook the lower portion of the branch where it met the tree over and over again until it fell out.

photo 5-4photo 5photo 4

It was a wish lantern! Someone’s wishes had floated to my house and landed in the trees above the cottage. I was hoping it would have a wish written on it, but instead it had children’s names written all over it. Charlie, Henry, Lola, Nora, and many more.
If you don’t happen to know what a wish lantern is, see below. You write wishes on them, light them and let them float away into the sky.

The real life Paperbag Princess struts her stuff!

Oscars 2014 was a memorable night! Here are a few of my Oscars highlights:
I love Ellen. She made the show for me. I loved the pizza delivery and thought it was hilarious when she took the ‘selfie’. I cried at Jared Leto’s speech. I loved Cate Blanchett’s dress and thought she deserved the win.
AND…I loved the fabulous (and even the not so fabulous) dresses.
But the red carpet’s finest had nothing on this little Miss, inspiration of the week. I caught this article trending last week from Huffington post about this 4 year-old fashionista nicknamed “Mayhem”, and the incredible unique paper creations that her mother (and assistant) has been photo-documenting on Instagram at #fashionbymayhem.

Check her out in her stunning paper replica of Lupita Nyong’o’s Golden Globe gown by Ralph Lauren.
Well, it looks like Mayhem may actually have real fashion sense as this was the one she chose as her favorite from the globes. I was tempted to post this last night when I saw this dress popping up as "BEST" all over the entertainment shows (we made it early yesterday) but figured I could just show you the metadata on the image if you don't believe me ;) Happy Tuesday! #fashionbymayhem


Everything she makes is out of paper or scrap from around her house! Her mom says that she began designing the dresses in the beginning at her daughter’s request, but the four year old, whom she endearingly calls ‘Mayhem’ on the blog, soon took the helm. She can now cut out and tape together dresses unassisted, though Mom still helps with some her more elaborate designs, such as this incredibly whimsical creation stolen from the runway.

Since Mayhem’s work hit the news last week, she has experienced an overnight rise to fame! And with her precocious creative sensibility, I’d say she deserves the fanfare, wouldn’t you?

Honor the creative princess in your life with princess kids room decor from the Paper Scissors Rock including colorful wall clock, travel-sized Battery powered princess alarm clock, and a princess nightlight (guaranteed to scare off the dragons!).

Proud to be a Princess alarm clock princess night light