The Voice’s Stephanie Johnson at Pike Place Market

Stephanie Johnson and Dan at Pike Market
Stephanie Johnson from The Voice was our guest bell ringer at Pike Place Market last weekend, February 1st. Stephanie is an amazing singer, and if you didn’t see her on the show, you missed a real treat. Stephanie met me early in the morning for our “Behind the Scenes” tour. I showed her around, and told her all about the lives of the craftspeople at the market. Above you can see her with Dan Gregory, who gave her some of his art as a gift.

Stephanie was so appreciative of our story, and truly understood what living the life of an artist is really like. She too, follows her passion every day. Josh Swanson of Kobo Art Garden presented her with a glass heart. She loved it!

Stephanie Johnson and Josh at Pike Place Market
Stephanie told me that when she was a little girl she sang all of the time, she woke up singing, came home from school singing, she sang constantly – and she sang well, even then. Her older brother was so impressed by this that he convinced their parents to get Stephanie singing lessons – and a star was born. Sadly, her brother passed away when he was 21, a tragic loss for Stephanie and her family. But he left her with a huge gift, the support and opportunity to to follow her passion, which changed her life forever. So he lives on in her, every time she sings.

Stephanie opened up roll call with a song.

After roll call, I brought her around to meet a long list of craftspeople who asked to meet her and give her gifts of their work. Stephanie made friends all over the market, as she engaged with everyone she met as if they were old friends. She is just an incredibly beautiful, warm, lovely, person. It took us from 9am until noon to get to everyone who wanted to thank her for coming, which many did with gifts of their art.

I wanted to give Stephanie one of my clocks, so I let her pick out her favorite. She chose the bouquet wall clock.
bouquet wall clock

I also heard some great stories about her travels all over the world and her days singing on the cruise ships. She has led an amazing life. When she left, Stephanie gifted me with her newest CD, Hollatchagurl which I listened to on the way home. It’s fabulous! I highly recommend you download it on iTunes. What a voice!

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