Top Ten Gifts for Valentines

Romance is in the air, and its time to find the perfect gift for the one you love. I am posting my top ten love-themed valentines gifts, but they are not just for lovers! These whimsical gifts are are also a great way to show your affection and admiration for family, friends, and kids. There is something for everyone on your list.

Tulips alarm clock

10. Tulips are one of the most popular flowers of February– giving the first sign that spring is on its way! For a unique and personal gift, give a tulip mini alarm clock. It will never fade or wilt and will wake somebody up with a cheerful memento year-round.
The tulip clock is a great addition to a guest room or other room in your house that could use some colorful sprucing up. Our alarm clocks are also perfect for travelers, as they are light-weight and battery-operated.

Grapes wine Alarm clock

9. Paired with a fine vintage, the Fruit of the Vine alarm clock is the perfect V-day gift for the discerning palate of a vino lover. While you make memories lingering over a bottle together on February 14th, this clock will mark time throughout the year with a nod to your romantic night…

heart night light

8. Is there someone who lights up your heart? Show them so with this glowing heart night light. The heart night light is also a great valentine gift for the kiddos in your life. What better way to quell nighttime fears than by showing that your heart shines for them all through the night?

roses gem refrigerator magnets

7. Organic gardeners will love these roses, complete with a friendly ladybug. Give the traditional gift in a non-traditional way with these gem magnets, pesticide-free. These magnets are powerful enough for practical purposes- something your valentine can really use as well as admire.

if the shoe fits alarm clock

6. Do you love someone who loves shoes? Knock her socks off with this unique shoe lover’s alarm clock with magical floating high-heel action.

hearts magnets

5. Show the right sentiment when you affix love notes, snapshots of your loved ones, and treasured children’s art to your fridge with these super-strong glass gem magnets. Enough hearts for all your valentines.

my heart ticks wall clock

4. How long will your love endure? Count every second with the My Heart Ticks for You wall clock.

frog prince alarm clock

3. Do you know someone who loves a good fairytale romance? A magical kiss can turn a frog into a real prince. The frog prince alarm clock is the perfect way to awaken your dreamer from their slumbers…a kiss for froggie magically floats around the face of the clock, marking off the seconds.

love message magnets

2. Creative types will enjoy leaving messages on the refrigerator with our love themed glass gem magnets. Unlike candy message hearts, these durable magnets will deliver the message all year round, without tempting anyone away from their healthy eating habits.

heart wall clockheart alarm clock

1. Simple and straightforward, this heart wall clock and heart alarm clock show big love with lots of color. Wake that special someone up with this gift on Valentine’s Day this year, or declare your love for all to see by displaying this wall clock, a joyful complement to any room in the house.

My line of gifts are all lightweight enough to be quickly and easily shipped to your loved ones anywhere. The wall clocks look just like a hand-painted tile, but are actually made of a durable lightweight material, and can be hung with a thumbtack.
The gem magnets come in an attractive gift tin.
The alarm clocks are 2″ square, and are cordless, and simple in design.
All these can be ordered direct from my website, or purchased from one of many quality local retailers which are listed on the site. Just add a note to request a card and we’ll enclose a free heart card with your message. Just tell us what to write!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Free Lolita and orca whale clock

I heard the news that one of our Northwest native marine friends may be coming home after a long stay in Florida. It’s still uncertain, but there has been some progress towards a plan to release Puget Sound orca whale Lolita to her family, after more than 40 years in captivity.
If Lolita makes it all the way, we will celebrate her freedom and welcome her back home to the Sound. I’m sure many of us will be on the lookout, hoping to be the lucky person to catch a glimpse of her sometime.
orca, lolita, wall clock, killer whale
Orcas are treasured members of our ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest.
They are so special- nurturing and intelligent, and also vulnerable. They inspired me to make the above orca wall clock, which can be ordered from my website or purchased at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, or local retailers throughout the US.
You might be lucky enough to catch sight of an orca at the Washington coast, or from one of the greater Puget Sound area/Salish Sea’s many operational ferries that go to and from the islands including as Bainbridge, Vashon, and San Juan islands where Orcas island is located (whose name is appropriately but only coincidentally shared with the sea mammals that populate the area).  Sightings happen throughout the year. If you see an orca, you can report your sighting which helps researchers and conservationists in their work to protect them.
Support the cause! Mention Free Lolita when you order the orca clock in February, and I will donate 20% to Greenpeace.

Alan White tours the Pike Place Market

Saturday December 28th was a really fun and special day at the Market in Seattle. We were blessed to have Alan White, the drummer from Yes, as our guest bell ringer.Alan White, Pam Corwin, Pike Place Market, Seattle

The roll call bell is rung each morning at 9am. It calls out to the crafts community to let them know that roll call is beginning and to be ready to choose our market space for the day. This is a longstanding tradition to the local producers who not only hand make their products, but also set up and break down their “shops” each day.

Alan White, Pike Place Market, Bell Ringer

When they arrive in the morning, guest bell ringers get a “behind the scenes” tour and the insiders story, from how we jury in, to what our daily lives are like; including set up, break down, the daily challenges we face, the strength of our community/family and much more. This is the little known story of what we really do and who we really are.

Alan and his lovely wife Gigi arrived with two friends (professional photographers, Jerry and Lois Levin) that cold morning, coffee in hand. I invited Dean Moller, a fabulous artisan who makes cigar box guitars and amps, to join us on our behind the scenes, ‘insider’ market tour. He showed us all one of his guitars and did a demo. I wish you could have seen their faces light up when they saw that guitar, and then the gasp when he pulled out a tiny cigar box amp!  They all just loved it and really hit it off.
Alan White and Dean with cigarbox guitar
I invited Dan Schmidt to do the intro. Dan’s parents, Sandi and Richard make ocarinas. Richard requested that Dan do Alan’s intro and two days later, Richard died in  his sleep. The entire market was in shock, as Richard was a kind, funny, amazing man and was loved by everyone. I checked back with Dan to see if he still wanted to do it and found out Richard & he listened to Yes together all the time. Dan learned their songs and played them in several bands as a teen and Richard had wanted them to do the intro together. Dan said it would mean a lot to do it, and it meant a lot to our community to honor Richard’s request.
Pike Place Market, Alan White, Yes

Dan’s entire family came to the market that morning. Dan wore one of Richard’s hats (Richard was never without a hat). I told Alan and Gigi this story before they met, and they were both  touched. After roll call, Dan took them on a tour, they went out to breakfast together, and then Alan asked to meet the whole Schmidt family.  Sandi gave Alan an ocarina and the family gave him a lesson,  and Alan signed a drumstick for Dan. It was a wonderful day, and Alan and Gigi, were gracious, funny, and warm.0108_WhitePPM0121_WhitePPM

The special day was all documented in these beautiful photos by photographer Jerry Levin.


Don’t miss Alan White at Play it Forward at the Neptune, February 9th. It’s a fabulous benefit to support music education in Washington State, and you can read about and buy tickets here.

Pam Corwin, Alan White, Pike Place Market, Play it Forward

I thanked Alan by giving him my Pike Place Market wall clock, which can be viewed and ordered on my website.