How to fix your wall clock: part 3

Part three is now up in my video series on How to fix your Wall Clock! (Follow link to see my selection of over 100 unique, artsy wall clocks.)
In this two and a half minute video I will show you what to do if your clock has a loose hour hand. Usually this is caused by setting the clock using the hands instead of the knob on the back of the clock. Again, this is an easy fix that anyone can do at home with no special tools or expertise. I will guide you through it step-by-step.
The clock that is featured in this video is called Twelve Things to Make Besides Money.

How to fix your wall clock: part 2

Posting these very short 2-minute troubleshooting videos about problems that people call me about with the wall clocks. In this video we look at the clock that simply does not tick.
There are 3 possible reasons/solutions for this problem:

1. Yes, there is an on/off switch on the back of the clock. If you didn’t notice this, don’t worry, you are not the first one, and this is the easiest fix. Turn the clock on!

2. No battery or you’re using an expired or exhausted battery. Try a fresh battery before you conclude that your wall clock is broken. Even if you think the battery is fresh, try a battery from a different pack or from a device that you know is working.

3. The hands have been bent and are stuck on one another. (Note: this is due to mishandling of the clock- please use the knobs to set the time, not the hands!) Watch the video to see how to gently straighten the hands and check that they have clearance.

In the unlikely scenario that you have tried all of these and your clock still does not tick, please do give me a call so we can address the issue. This is super unusual though, so please do test carefully for the issues in the videos first. These are the most common issues, and the easiest to fix!

As in the first video, the clock you see pictured here is the 12 Things to Make Besides Money wall clock. Click the link to view or order this clock in the wall clock gallery on my website. These clocks are arranged in alphabetical order, and its under “T”.

How to fix your wall clock: part 1

In this video series, I, artist/clockmaker Pam Corwin, will show you how to troubleshoot if you have problems with a wall clock you purchased from my gift line, Paper Scissors Rock.
The majority of the time, when people call me about a “broken” clock, it is really clock that has been mishandled when someone was trying to set the time the wrong way. Note: DO NOT grasp the hands directly to try to set your clock! They are delicate. The knob on the back is designed for that purpose! Please use it.
However, if you have already set your clock using the clock hands, and have accidentally bent or jarred them loose, don’t worry! In these videos I will go over how to easily put loose clock hands back on the track, or straighten a bent hand.
If your clock doesn’t work properly, please go through these 1-minute videos and try the fixes before calling us about a return.(But please never return anything without calling us for a Return Authorization number first) I do guarantee my products, so in the rare event that your clock actually has a manufacturing flaw, I will happily repair or replace it.   However, that is really quite unusual. 95% of clock problems are one of the three issues in this video series, not a broken clock. Stay tuned!
The clock pictured in this video is called 12 Things to Make Besides Money, and is available for order online. 12 Things to Make Besides Money (corresponding to the 12 numbers on the clock): music, friends, love, time, peace, a wish,  dinner, amends, jokes, magic, art, believe.

Check out the “Time for Tea” alarm clock in action!

By popular request, I am uploading video of many of my best-selling alarm clocks so that people can see what the second-hand action looks like in real life. This is really what makes our alarm clocks unique, why they are often described as “whimsical”, and what makes them our most popular gift item.  You won’t find these babies at a big box store!
It is difficult to for people to imagine how the motion looks as I describe that the second hand is also a miniature painting that appears to float like magic over the clock face. Sometimes it is hard to picture, even when you are looking at a photo. So, here you can see the little tea cup marking off the seconds till the next tea time…which, according to the clock, is now.
More about these clocks: They are compact, lightweight, and cordless, making them perfect for travel. I have over 70 themes, all printed from my original work, so if the alarm clock in this video is not your cup of tea, check out my full line of these unique alarm clocks to see other designs.

Check out the shoe lover alarm clock’s action in this video

I recently shot some videos of my alarm clocks in action.
This clock is called “If the Shoe Fits…”, and its a best-selling gift for the shoe-addicted among us. The larger clock face image is this wacky whimsical sexy shoe, and the little second-hand one is the classic red high heel.
It is very hard to describe how the the travel alarm clocks work to people who haven’t seen it. The videos shows one in action.  Basically, the miniature image that is the second hand and rotates magically around the decorated clockface. You can’t see any hands or wires, so the tiny painting appears to just be floating as it ticks off the seconds. (the way it works shall remain a trade secret!)

Our secret celebrity guest revealed: Austin Jenckes on Small Business Saturday

So, for those of you who did not make it to Pike Place this weekend, you missed out on a beautiful weekend!  But don’t worry, there are more to come. Pike Place Market will be open every day from now through Christmas Eve and beyond.
In an earlier post I indicated that we were going to have a surprise celebrity guest bell-ringer on November 30th, Small Business Saturday. That guest was The Voice’s Austin Jenckes, a truly good-hearted and down-to-earth guy, as you can see in this video I shot of him, expressing his love for the small business community.
Austin arrived on a really tough day. I warned him that the crafts community had all just found out the day before that one of our most beloved members had died in his sleep Thanksgiving night. I gave him his behind the scenes tour, and and bought he and his beautiful girlfriend Brittany some hot fresh mini donuts and coffee to enjoy as we walked. After our tour we arrived at roll call, where there was an announcement made about Richard. There were many tears being shed, it was a very emotional day for all of us. I felt awful for Austin, but I needn’t have, he was so lovely and gracious about it. We had talked about him singing (he brought his guitar) and I left it up to him.
I introduced him, he said a few really nice words, acknowledged our loss and then sang Simple Man. The perfect song. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the crowd. Afterwards people came up and thanked him and hugged him. He couldn’t have been better, kinder, warmer or more sensitive to the situation.

I am going to post a fully edited video soon including his song, but this is what he shared on Saturday, and I wanted to get it up here, because it’s a great message as the holiday retail hustle and bustle heats up. I’m so glad I got to meet and hang out with him, besides being an amazing singer, he is also a wonderful human being.