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Our whimsical clocks and decorative refrigerator magnets are reproductions of Pam's original paintings. Pam works in acrylics & watercolors and sometimes adds elements of collage to her work. She loves bright, deep, jewel tones and painting reflects a playful spirit and the infatuation she has for color. Pam draws inspiration from all her surroundings- from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, to the playful interruptions from her feline muses Sadie and Ramona, who’ve inspired her many gifts for cat-lovers.

Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! If you are already a coloring enthusiast, you know that when you sit down to color you escape to a world of inspiration and relaxation. If you haven’t started on your coloring adventure yet, you have a treat in store.

Both our coloring book and alphabet coloring kit are full of original, hand drawn designs by Pamela Corwin, ready for you to bring to life with markers, colored pencils or fine tip pens.

Wall Clocks

Our unique wall clocks are made from colorful prints dry-mounted onto black foam board and heat-sealed with a protective laminate. The finished clocks are sturdy and so light, they can be hung on a pushpin.
 Cute and inspiring themes for every room like "12 Things to Make Besides Money" clock, "Home is Where the Cat Is" clock, "My Heart Ticks for You" clock, and more. If you are looking for unique décor for a kids room or nursery, check out the mermaid clock, t-rex clock, sweet dreams clock and more in the wall clocks gallery. The quartz movement runs on a single AA battery and comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty. Each clock comes in it's own gift box.
Small Clocks are approx. 6" tall
Large Clocks are approx. 8" tall

Gem Magnets

Our glass gem magnets start with tiny reproductions of Pamela Corwin's colorful art work. Each one is handmade in the studio in Olympia, Washington. These decorative refrigerator magnets are super strong, so they're functional, too! Sold in sets of seven magnets in a gift tin. Each set represents a unique theme: affirmations, butterflies, animal print, more than 65 themes. Click on the image to visit the decorative refrigerator magnet gallery.

Night Lights

Our beautiful night lights will brighten any room. Room themes to match kids room décor (princess, ufo, friendly monster, more) bring cheery light for kids afraid of the dark. Grown-ups will also appreciate their warm glow- the perfect unique gift for a cat-lover, dog person, shoe addict, a peacenik, cupcake fan, and more... They are made of prints of Pam's colorful artwork sandwiched in between two layers of durable acrylic. Night lights are UL approved and come with a standard four watt night light bulb. Gift box included.


Our magnetic bookmarks are 2''x2'' miniature prints of Pamela Corwin's colorful art paintings, with magnets inside. They click shut over the page of any book, or can also be used as a paperclip. These unique bookmarks make whimsical gifts, party or wedding favors, or stocking stuffers, and can be slipped into a greeting card or thank you note. Printed on high quality recycled cardstock, each bookmark comes in a sealed clear sleeve.

Greeting Cards

Our cards will delight any recipient. The original playful designs are created in vivid watercolors and are little works of art worthy of framing. Measuring 4.25 x 6.5'', they are printed on high quality glossy card stock.